Frequently Asked Questions

What is TEORRA?
TEORRA is a B2B Marketplace connecting certified sustainable suppliers with brands globally.

Our mission is simple - make it easy for brands to source and create sustainable products, all through one digital platform.

For buyers, we offer uncompromising accessibility to all the sustainable products you need for your business. TEORRA rigorously vets all suppliers, so you as a buyer have absolute confidence and trust in the sustainable suppliers you introduce to/into your supply chain.

For suppliers, we help eliminate competition with conventional products by providing you with a marketplace specifically designed to servicing buyers looking for sustainable options. We make it easy for your business to attract new customers while helping you grow your brand.
How do I sell on TEORRA?
To sign up as a seller, follow these steps:

1. Create an account.
2. Complete the account set-up and vetting form and tell us about your sustainability credentials.
3. We'll review your registration and confirm your store set up once all your sustainability credentials are confirmed.
How do I buy on TEORRA?
TEORRA is a B2B marketplace that enables brands to find trusted & certified sustainable products, all in one place.
To sign up as a buyer, create a free account.
How much does it cost to sell on TEORRA?
Our standard commission rate is 10% of the total invoice price. We do not charge a monthly subscription fee to be listed on our platform.

The sales commission rate covers the costs that go into platform development, hosting fee, administrative fee, customer service and development of new features.
Does TEORRA look after delivery?
TEORRA does not look after delivery. Logistics associated with shipping, handling, returns or damaged inventory stay the responsibility of the seller.
What if I want to stop selling on TEORRA?
We are sad to see you go! Should you want to stop selling your products on the marketplace, reach out to us at and we'll help you to deactivate your account.
How does TEORRA vet suppliers?
We vet every supplier and product hosted on our platform. Our vetting process requires all suppliers to submit valid sustainability certifications. This ensures that buyers can have absolute confidence and trust in the sustainable products they select.
What information do you require for customization?
For customized orders, be ready to provide Design artwork files, placement, measurements, Pantone colours and quantities. For apparel, please share your Tech Packs as well.
How do I list and edit my products as a seller? 
There are 2 ways to upload your products on TEORRA's marketplace: 

- Self-upload: you will be able to manually upload your products under the "Products" tab, in your seller panel
- Assisted upload: our onboarding team is always available and ready to assist you if you need any help. Email us at to receive our upload template
Need Further Assistance?
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